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I’ve helped people as a self love, transformation and mindset life coach and catalyst uncover limiting beliefs, overcome negative self talk and negative core beliefs so they  prioritize values, use guided imagery and meet each  moment with gratitude  and live full out with the self love blueprint so they can come up to their death bed without regrets. Now I mostly help people make a difference. We do that by setting goals.

What does working with me look like? On the first call we want to focus on What’s Not Working? What isn’t working with health/fitness, what isn’t working financially, what isn’t working in relationships? What are your challenges and strengths, where are you now and where do you want to be. Ask yourself “Am I living the life I am meant to live?”  What is the gap between where you are and where you want to be?  If you want to go across the country by car the GPS needs two things, where you are and where you are going. So be very clear about where you are before focusing on where you want to be. Identify the negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that are yours, are you dealing with self sabotage or procrastination or low self esteem? Actually write them down. You need clarity but not by itself, you need action steps once you are clear. That is why on the first call we focus on What’s Not Working. 

Remember when you learned to ride a bike and you were told to “look to where you wanted to go”? It’s the same way with goals, once you know where you are you want to focus on the goal and take baby steps to get there.

Future calls:  I like to set goals within a 90 day time framework, making the goals more immediate. 10 year goals are less relevant and the old way of doing things. The 90 day time framework provides positive feedback quickly for achievements and stacks up the little wins and begin  self talk that is encouraging “look at how far I’ve come”.  I recommend using a star chart for weekly goals and you can check in with how your progress is going in a client call.  Some people like a bullet journal. It provides a structure for accountability.  You can’t meditate your way to success, you have to take action too. A vision board by itself won’t be sufficient for reaching a goal, although it is helpful for clarity, you need to act too. Mindset and action are two sides of the same coin.“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it was” Wayne Gretzky. Usually the client does 90% of the talking. I’ll want to know how your week is going.

Can I share with you some of the kind words people have shared with me?

“Your presence is unequivocally honoring. The moment you were present I could feel the peace and respect. There is such healing in your presence, with such warmth, it is very beautiful” John M.

“You Velma have the highest resonance of any human I’ve ever met, ever! Stephanie M.

“The space you hold is awesome Velma! Your level of resonance is incredible, just incredible! I can sense your connection to Oneness. You bring who you are to the work. You’ve done lifetimes of work in this life and hold that resonance, do you know how rare that is? You access frequencies few people on this planet have access to.” Lynette H. 

For the first time in my life I feel safe in my body, (tears streaming down her face) You are so honoring it makes me feel safe to be in a body here on earth. – Anonymous 

“I love your energy, your passion for Catalyst, and I want THAT in my life, what ever it is you do, I KNOW I want that energy”. Stephen R.

It was an honor to work with those who moved, touched and inspired me.

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I have a Psychology background and can work with more than just goals, but personal life coaching and transformational coaching focuses mostly on goals, did you realize that? I do realize there is truth to where many relationship things lead back to your relationship with mom and dad. We know a lot of issues arise from the early developmental stages when you aren’t able to think through something and so blame yourself, have you done this work on yourself yet? Is it time to look at the present moment, what is up for you NOW?

Keep reading, there is more, I am about to share some breakthrough stuff. There are secret life leanings that come from surviving a brain aneurysm bleed out and having a near death experience.. Remember that there are seasons and stages to everything? There is a time to breath in and a time to breath out, the tides come in and the tides go out, night alternates with day. You can’t breath both in and out at the same time. Life alternates. There is a time to play full out and a time to be content. There are seasons too, the twenty somethings will spend more time Living Full Out and the sixty somethings will spend more time being Content. Alternating between the two creates balance.

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Do you have challenges? Challenges often motivate us to change. But that isn’t the only time to seek out a life coach. I want to see you in life coaching before your challenges come up so when they do you can move through them with grace and dignity. How would that feel for you?

Questions to ask yourself are

1)’What is your vision?” Where are you now and where do you want to be? How urgent are your goals to you?  How committed are you to the process?

2)What is most important to you? Out of all your professional goals, family goals, and personal goals you have, what is the most important to you?

3)What is stopping you? What is it costing you in terms of vitality, wellbeing, relationships…more than just money.

4)How committed are you to solving this.

It is beautiful to work with clients –  Those who can be real, be human and be themselves.

The generosity of knowledge:  One of the secrets I learned from my near death experience is that gratitude is the ‘how-to” for achieving contentment, not just once a day but moment by moment, as you take dishes out of the cupboard you are grateful for them, as you bite a tomato you are grateful for the sun that ripened it, as you go through your routine you are grateful for having life moment by moment. Life becomes a living meditation. There is nothing like having life almost escape you to make you immensely grateful for each moment of life, no matter how routine it is. It can be freakingly scary to know you might die at any second, like for the months that followed the SAH (subarachnoid hemorrhage) for me as 50% die within a month of a SAH, and I transformed that fear into gratitude by being grateful for whatever I was doing each moment. Every breath became a prayer. The secret to contentment is to move through life with gratitude. That way you don’t have to wait for a near death experience to realize any moment could be your last, face death by cherishing and treasuring every moment of life. How would that feel to you?

I have listed the 5 Top Lessons I have learned from my life story and life experience so you know what I’m going to TEACH and COACH on.


Would you mind if I spent a minute describing my service?

I don’t work one on one much anymore. I prefer to work with 5 day challenges or masterminds with groups. But to get Self love life coaching messages out to the masses and to give back friday afternoons are reserved for new clients. I charge a dollar a minute for  Life Coaching with myself as a Contentment Catalyst. I use paypal and personal checks for payments.I prefer checks and US dollar money orders because of the service charge Paypal uses. So that is what it looks like. I work primarily on the phone. My work number is (408) 904-8245 Pacific coast time. I invite you to text me to set up an appointment. Friday afternoons (pacific coast time) are reserved for new clients and clients at the dollar a minute rate. Most people do 55 min sessions. When would you like to get started?

The next level is a gold coaching package. I don’t work one on one very much anymore. For 3 months of personal life coaching. It is for those extraordinary folks who are fully committed (what happens if you aren’t 100% committed to a relationship – it falls apart, the other woman gets a foot in the door etc, so fully committed matters!)  as I can only accept a limited number  the life coaching gold package. This includes  email access.

Exclusive Platinum package for high end clients that is not for everyone  and runs 6 months of life coaching for those who are fully committed and know there is no substitute for a live, breathing fully present life coach. Includes email access. Only one spot open for this.


Live full out with self love and be content! Text me at (408) 904-8245 to set up a Friday afternoon appointment.



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